“No gold did they find underneath any stone they touched and turned yet every stone they touched in to solid gold they turned”

Vishwamitra Ganga Aashutosh, Mauritian Poet.




National security involves the protection of our form of government and our way of life from internal and external threats and involve maintaining stability in national and international functions such that force of threat of force is not used to influence economic and social discourse


Globalisation has changed the emphasis on national elements of power so that military power is not necessarily the primary coercive tool in international relations, economic power has gained increased importance. It is not only the enabler of national power, but also the objective for the use of other instruments of power.


Technology Developments in military hardware go hand in hand with opening up of large economic potential, emerging technologies like nanotechnology have vast potential on the battle field, their usage will strengthen national security and lead to long lasting symbiotic relationship.


Acquiring, analysing and contributing to processed information is a tremendous force multiplier in the modern world. All our endeavours should be focussed towards sharing of knowledge, which may lead us to living in a better world.

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